April 28th Open Mic Recap

open mic at lessonface

Congratulations to all our performers in Sunday April 28th's Open Mic! Also a big thanks to the teachers and Lessonface community members who came out to support the performers.  

Kim opened the event with a performance of an original song on voice and piano. Shelly sang a piece that she composed herself, and everyone agreed that the melody was catchy and fun to listen to. Joaquín performed “The Boy Paganini Fantasia” by Edward Mollenhauer on violin. Audience members commented on his nice tone quality and skilled shifting. Storm performed poetry and acapella singing which, as listeners remarked, was a beautiful homage to the trees that sustain our ecosystem. Avin played his own arrangement of a flamenco Rumba and added lively flamenco rasgueados to the event. 

Gabriel, a natural performer, accompanied himself on guitar singing the well-known songs “Octopus’s Garden” (the Beatles) and “Free Falling” (Tom Petty). Sierra sang a traditional Irish tune called Thugamer Fein an Samhradh Linn. 

New Lessonface instructor James Isichei performed an extract from Pereanyi Studies on clarinet. Jasmine shared an audio recording of a beautiful voice performance. Emerson shared his dramatic flair in an emotional performance of “The Music of The Night” from Phantom of the Opera. And to close the event Yixi Zhang with stellar performances on violin (Bach) and voice.  

The performances were terrific and, as always, the atmosphere was relaxed and encouraging. Thanks to all who came out!  

Open mic performers included students of Lessonface teachers Garret Fischbach, Emily Zimmer, Sonnie Sitz, and Leah Kruszewski.  

Participating in an open mic or recital brings fresh motivation to your practice, hones your performance skills, and is a lot of fun! Here are more reasons to sign up for the next one. Lessonface open mics and recitals are always free. 

The next recital series will run from June 2nd to 6th. Sign up at lessonface.com/recital

The next open mic will take place Sunday July 7th, 2024, 2pm ET / 11am PT. Sign up at lessonface.com/openmic

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