Five Questions With Cellist/Guitarist Ward Williams

Ward Williams, Lessonface Online Guitar and Cello Teacher

Ward Williams is an accomplished cellist and guitarist who is sought after for his many talents as a studio/live player and as a music teacher. Having cut his teeth as a founding member of the popular touring band Jump, Little Children (later known just as Jump), today Ward lives in Brooklyn and provides tasteful accompaniment to a wide variety of musical acts (just this week Ward appeared on the Today Show accompanying Sara Bareilles) while simultaneously offering cello and guitar lessons to satisfied students. We are extremely pleased and proud to have Ward on Lessonface, because he is one of the most capable and likable musicians we know.     

Lessonface: How were you first introduced to the cello and guitar, and what kind of music were you listening to at the time/growing up?

Ward Williams: My dad had an acoustic guitar around the house when I was growing up and would play and sing a lot. I started getting serious about the guitar around 6th grade when I discovered a love for hard rock and heavy metal. Once I got into high school, I noticed they had a beginning strings class so that's how I got introduced to the cello. During that time, I got really into classical music.

Lf: Did you take lessons or have particularly influential mentors early on, or later as you progressed?

WW: My first real guitar teacher was Stan McAfee. My orchestra teacher was Minnie Lou Raper and her excitement and enthusiasm made me want to continue learning the cello. My cello teachers growing up were Worth Williams, Charles Medlin and Robert Marsh. I've also had guitar lessons from Michael Daves and Robert Newton.

Lf: What got you interested in teaching through Lessonface?

WW: I like the idea of not having to travel to lessons and opening up my ability to teach to the entire world.

Lf: If you had to recommend one video or song for new fans or prospective students to check out in order to understand you and your style, what would it be?

WW: My latest video performance was on the Today Show with Sara Bareilles.

LF: Can you tell us about your current musical projects, and any latest news about them?

WW: I'm currently touring with Howie Day and Rachael Sage. Locally in the city, I play in two bands called Tam Lin and Frances Cone.


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