What would happen if you commit to 12 weeks of lessons?

2023 May Sale

A three month routine of lessons (and practicing for those lessons) can create powerful habits for our futures, and great habits help us toward our long term goals. Focusing on what you’re trying to achieve and why can inspire and motivate you to keep going long enough to create the new habits or routine you envision.


And a teacher who supports you every step of the way can be a very important part in keeping you on track towards reaching your goals!


Whether you’ve already set goals for yourself this year and life has gotten in the way of getting started, or you’re just now thinking about what you can achieve during the rest of this year, booking lessons is a committed step towards the future you want. It’s never too late to reach for your goals.


During the month of May, you can find teachers who have joined our Spring into Summer Sale where if you buy 10 lessons, you get 2 more for free. (Only for new students with participating teachers, for lessons booked by May 31, 2023).


Scheduled weekly, what could 12 weeks of lessons and commitment do for you?

View All Teachers Taking Part in the Spring into Summer Sale:

Aline Oliveira - Violin | Alison Ervin - Piano | Ami Sarasvati - Native American Flute | Asher Nalley - Acoustic Guitar | Collin Young - Acoustic Guitar | Cristóbal Schulkin - Acoustic Guitar | Dana Hopper - Gardening & Homesteading | Debra Aponte - Cello | Dewald Spangenberg - Bass Guitar | Donovan Kwan - Piano | Emma Scott - Clarinet | Gabriele Cento - Acoustic Guitar | Gloria Nwoke - Singing | Jennifer Rose - Apple GarageBand | Jerrica Alyssa - Pop Voice | Joaco Bustillo - Acoustic Guitar | Johnny Conga - Conga | Jordana Machado - Flute | Justin Highland - Acoustic Guitar | Justin Martinez - Classical Guitar | Leah Kruszewski - Acoustic Guitar | Lisa Williams - Viola | Liz Ramirez - Clarinet | Luke Berkley - French Horn | Michael Nunes - Brass | Paul Miller - Piano | Peter Furlong - Classical Voice | Sandra Simmons - French | Sara Petokas - French Horn, Ukulele | Tamis Baron - Rock Voice | Tomy Maz - Singing | Veronica Gaudreau - Piano | Willem Moolenbeek - Saxophone | Yoon Jae Lee - Piano | Zorana Belusevic - Flute

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