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Soundproofing Advice?

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Leah Kruszewski
Soundproofing Advice?

Hi!  I'm just curious if anyone has experience soundproofing their home studio, whether it be a recording studio or simply practice space. 

I recently moved to a new apartment with hard parallel walls (so a lot of echo), hard tile floors, and also a very thin front door that connects my living room (my main practice space) to a noisy stairwell.  I don't need the space/door to be 100% soundproof, but would like for my practicing, in-home classes, and late night online lessons (to students in other time zones) to be less audible from outside.  Also, it would be nice to hear less noise from the stairwell.  

Would it be effective to buy some acoustic panels and place them on the door and in the living room?  How do I need to arrange them to be most effective?  There are a lot of size and thickness options - what size is most appropriate for a 3x4 meter rectangular space?  

Thanks for any feedback!


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