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Intro to Music Theory for Guitarists

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Phil McNeal
Intro to Music Theory for Guitarists

In this series of articles featured on the Lessonface blog, instructor Rod Ferreira offers a basic introduction to music theory for those with little or no knowledge of the subject. While these tutorials are aimed at guitarists and sometimes employ guitar-centric terminology, the concepts are applicable to any instrument. Anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of music theory will surely benefit from these lessons. Check out the lessons via the links below:

Basic Music Theory: Whole Steps & Half Steps, Sharps & Flats

Understanding Intervals, Part 1: Intro to Intervals, Building Chords from Intervals

Understanding Intervals, Part 2: Listening to Intervals

Understanding Intervals, Part 3: The Mystery Behind Compound Intervals

What Do You Think?
Do you have questions? Would you like to see more theory lessons like this? What would you like to learn next? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments--we want to hear from you!
Rod Ferreira

Remember when studying music theory/ building your chords using your intervals - it is very important to not only read, understand and try the examples given in the articles - but you also should come up with your own examples, using diferent notes/ keys!! and feel free to post your work here and I ll be happy to check it out!!  *ROD

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