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Group Online Classes from Lessonface

Meet our latest class format: Group Online (GO) classes are weekly drop-in classes. Students sign up each week or subscribe by the month. 

The classes listed below are ready for you to drop into at your chosen enrollment level. Find more details and enroll on the class pages. As always, contact us with questions or concerns.

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How the GO Classes Work

Enrollment is limited so that students can interact, live, with each other and the teacher. 

More details like start time and class descriptions are found on the class pages.

Students can choose to enroll in each class a week at a time at the pricing level of their choice, or subscribe to the class by the month.

Enrollment levels per class:

  • $4.99 reduced rate per session per student
  • $9.99 suggested rate per session per student
  • $29 per student per month subscription

More Details

The fees listed above are for each class, not for a general enrollment to all Go Classes.

The monthly subscription option will renew at the end of each month. Mid-month subscribers will have their first recurring monthly payment prorated accordingly.

GO Classes Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall 2020




Guitar with Ross James Ross James Tuesdays
at 7:00 pm ET
Kids under 8
Piano for Kids with Beverly Cashin Beverly Cashin Sundays
at 2:00 pm ET
Kids under 8
Theatre Power! Drama & Music for Kids Kati Falk-Flores Tuesdays
at 6:30 pm ET
Kids under 12
STRINGpalooza: A Fun and Friendly Masterclass for Kids Emily Martins Thursdays
at 5:00 pm ET
Kids under 12
Beginner Acoustic Guitar with Mr. Mike Mike Mitchell Thursdays
at 5:30 pm ET
Kids under 12
Beginner Piano for Kids with Melanie Mashner Melanie Mashner Thursdays
at 4:00 pm ET
Kids under 12
Beatboxing with Devon Guinn Devon Guinn Saturdays
at 2:00 pm ET
Ages 8-15
Oboe Studio Class Grace Mehm Sundays
at 2:00 pm ET
Students 12+
Trombone with Natalie Cressman Natalie Cressman Saturdays
at 2:00 pm ET
Bass Guitar with Kevin Guin Kevin Guin Mondays
at 7:00 pm ET
Teens and Adults
Italian Class with Paola DAmico Paola DAmico Thursdays
at 2:00 pm ET
Teens and Adults
Flute with Erika Andres Erika Andres Saturdays
at 1:00 pm ET
Teens and Adults
BACH Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo Garrett Fischbach Sundays
at 3:00 pm ET
Teens and Adults
Flamenco Guitar with Calvin Hazen Calvin Hazen Tuesdays
at 4:00 pm ET
Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with Leah Kruszewski Leah Kruszewski Tuesdays
at 3:00 pm ET
Jazz and Pop Piano with Peter Fish Peter Fish Wednesdays
at 6:00 pm ET
Beginner Guitar with Sara Landeau Sara Landeau Sundays
at 4:00 pm ET
Cello Flow Catherine Bent Saturdays
at 11:00 am ET
Piano for Adults Beverly Cashin Sundays
at 4:00 pm ET


Student Reviews

We're just getting started, so were very happy to see that the reviews for GO classes and teachers are all five star so far. Here are a few favorites:

About Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with Leah Kruszewski:

"This class was soooo much fun! I learned two beautiful new pieces in just an hour. Leah is an incredibly friendly, encouraging teacher with lots of patience. I'd wholeheartedly recommend taking classes with her. :)"

Greta, April 1

About Guitar with Ross James:

"My son Oliver had a blast with Ross. He taught the basics really well. My son has been practicing his lessons and is already showing huge improvements, after just one lesson! Cheers!"

Christophe, March 29

About Flute with Erika Andres:

"Erika is a knowledgeable, friendly flute teacher. Join her!"

Verified student, March 29

About Guitar with Mr. Mike:

"Mike Mitchell is personable, energetic and introduced our daughter to her very first chords on a guitar! It was a great class"

Krista, March 26

And a few about the GO class format and Lessonface administration:

"Super easy to connect" - Guitar student, March 26
"Everything went swimmingly, there were zero technical hiccups." - Guitar student, March 29
"I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sign in and use the video/audio, even though it was our first time participating. From the handouts, I thought I had to have the materials to make all the instruments, but that was not case, so next time I will know to treat these as examples and suggestions. And I was pleased that the kids were asked to come up their own instruments, rather than just follow instructions to make one." - Parent, April 1

Let us know if you would like us to add other topics or have notes about the format here.

View more group classes here.

If you're a teacher interested in a GO class, get the ball rolling by submitting your class concept here.

Read more about Lessonface's coronavirus response here


can you provide these sessions and rates for house bound seniors?

Claire Cunningham

Hi Al, yes, absolutely, all the adult classes welcome seniors!

Seniors (or anyone else) feeling monetary stress should enroll with the "Minimum" rate, or if the Minimum rate is prohibitive, add their names to the list for a free seat.  

Please let me know if that makes sense, or you have other questions. Hope to see you in a class soon! :)



Do you provide piano lessons for teens? 

Claire Cunningham

Hi Elba, 

We have just set up a piano class for teens! You can see the details and enroll here: https://www.lessonface.com/apply/piano-mary-gossard

 We definitely do private lessons for teens on piano -- you can see the list of teachers and book from their profiles from https://lessonface.com/music-lessons/piano

Also, what type of guitar would you suggest for beginning teen?

Claire Cunningham

Generally electric guitars are a bit easier to start with, though I think some teachers would disagree (teachers please feel free to jump in here!:)  Guitar teacher Sara Landeau penned this article on the topic recently which might be helpful: https://www.lessonface.com/content/5-tips-buying-your-first-electric-guitar

Chris Dunnett

I agree that an Electric guitar is easier to play but I usually recommend starting on an Acoustic because it builds up better hand strength and if you get used to an Acoustic and switch to an Electric it's like playing on air...much like walking with ankle weights and then taking them off ;). However, if the student is dead set on an Electric then I would go that route as that may keep them more motivated. That being said though with an Electric you usually need an amp (although I went 2 years of playing electric without one) and with an Acoustic you don't need an amp and it's easier to play around the campfire :)

I've just subscribed to the Beginner Bass instruction through GO. How long is each session? 30 minutes? 1 hour? Longer?

Claire Cunningham

The classes should be 45 min to an hour. 

Where do I find the recording of the GO class from this morning?


Claire Cunningham

Hi Jim,

Recordings for these classes are not currently being posted. My apologies if that wasn't clear in the description. We do aim to add recordings on to the GO classes in the future. (On Lessonface, currently only the group classes and private teachers whose pages say that they offer recordings will have recordings.) 

The video recording transfer speeds have been slowing down in the past week, with increasing demand across the internet, and so to enable to launch and operation of these classes quickly (and in keeping with the casual, drop-in nature of the format) we have forgone the class recordings for these, at least for the moment. 

We do have recordings of the classes on our server, for about 30 days, so if there's some aspect of the class you are really missing, please drop us a line at jess@lessonface.com and we can try to dig it out. (Typically these recordings are then sent to another server, for student playback, so that's the step we're forgoing at the moment at least.) If not, we hope you will sign up for the next session! And we will be working on the format going forward, so should be able to start to include recordings on them soon, if general consensus is that people do want them.


Claire Cunningham

As an update on this comment, we are uploading the recordings for many of the GO classes now, based on whether the students and teacher of the class request it. If you would like to know whether your class recording will be available to watch following the live session, please contact us.

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