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Writing Habits

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Benedict Marsh
Writing Habits

I have been writing a song every day for almost two years, and I was wondering what other people's practices looked like. Some people suggest they prefer to write every day, but to really work on a song until it feels finished. Others have said they have to wait until inspiration hits. What is it for you? How do you dig deeper in your songs. How many drafts do they go through?

Jonathan Jackson

I try to write every day. For me it's about putting in my time. I know that If I write for a couple of hours every day or at least 5 days/week :) I'll see results. The quality of the songs that I write, or the first drafts of songs will be much better than if I "wait for inspiration. Inspiration is so important and I've found that inspiration will come most often when I've put in a couple of hours working on a melody or a lyric. If I am going to put the song on a record I will go through multiple drafts, though sometimes the song is much closer to being "finished" so it will require only a draft or 2 to be ready to record. Everyone has thier own way of finding inspiration and everyone has their own "voice" but I've found that with consistent time invested comes results.

Melissa Spuy

I also write regardless of whether I feel inspired. I find that not putting any expectations on the process lets the inspiration in quicker.  If you know what you write doesn't necessarily have to be good, you can be freer to play and explore. I agree with Jonathan - it's about putting in the time. 

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