Online Guitar Lessons, Classes and Tutorials to learn and play guitar

Getting started on the guitar can seem like a big undertaking, so here are some practical tips and practice material you can follow to get going on the guitar! 

Interested in live online one-on-one music coaching? We'd like to introduce you to some excellent online guitar teachers for live online acoustic, classic, bass guitar lessons. The following video is a compilation so you can meet a few great guitar coaches available for booking on Lessonface. If you'd like to ask questions, book a lesson with one of these great guitar tutors! Their profile pages are linked below.

Learn Open Guitar Chords

This is a great way to start playing the guitar. Open chords are amazing for playing your favorite songs, jamming with friends, and practicing rhythm! Open chords utilize a combination of fretted notes and open strings, which makes them easier to play than other types of chords. See the diagrams below for some examples of open chords!

 E minor guitar chord diagramA minor guitar chord diagramG major guitar chord diagramD major guitar chord diagramC major guitar chord diagram

Find online guitar teachers for lessons here:

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Guitar
Blues Guitar
Jazz Guitar
Classical Guitar

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