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Teaching Music Online 101

Teachers who have not yet taught online music lessons via video chat are often curious about what to expect. Lessonface exists to connect teachers with students for these live online music lessons, so we've spent a great deal of time thinking and talking to people about the experience and how to make it the best for everyone involved. With that perspective, we submit our Teaching Music Online 101 Guide, with some of the most commonly applicable insights we've gathered. Although we touch on some general teaching points lightly, this piece assumes that you are already awesome at teaching music. 

In order to teach music online effectively, here's what you need to know to get started. Click through the topics below for a more in-depth look.

Getting Set Up for an Online Music Lesson

  • Required Equipment - Learn to test your actual internet connection (it's easy and free). The list of required equipment is short - you need a decent connection and computer with webcam.
  • Optional Equipment - Our take on headphones, external webcams, and a USB microphone. We like gadgets. If you do too they can make good additions to the online learning environment.
  • Setting the Scene - Low tech issues like lighting and making sure everything on camera is meant to be there are important too!

What to Expect in an Online Music Lesson

  • Advantages to Online Music Lessons - Student and teachers are typically more focused during online lessons, and of course there's the undeniable convenience and accessibility. Online lessons have been used by several music teachers as the primary meeting method and for doing make-up or supplemental lessons.
  • Differences in Communicating Online - This gets to the heart of the matter! The Lessonface platform was built to make the communication as smooth and simple as possible, but there are some differences you should consider so that you can address effectively. For instance, eye contact and the lack of physical proximity for correcting posture are definitely different in online interactions. These matters can easily be handled via simple communication. In addition, you'll be glad to note that Lessonface fixes the 'mirroring' issue you may find on other video chat platforms.

Making Yourself Available & Finding Students

A very key element of teaching music online is getting the lessons booked. Marketing online music lessons is whole different topic, and one that we also think a great deal about at Lessonface. We built Lessonface to connect teachers and students. If you would like to start putting yourself out there for online music lessons, a great way to get started is with a Lessonface profile.

Next Steps:


Hello Jess,

I am a private voice instructor at the Murray Performing Arts Center in Marietta, Ga. I would like to expand and had a friend tell me about your site. Please let me know what other info you need from me. I look forward to hearinfg from you!

Christia Nastasi

Claire Cunningham

Hi Christia, thanks for reaching out! You can see the next steps for creating a profile on this page: https://www.lessonface.com/about-teaching. Or if you email jess@lessonface.com we're happy to send you more information directly.

Best, Claire

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