Meet Your Music Teacher

Meet Your Online Music Teacher at Lessonface

The incredible roster of teaching talent that can be booked for online lessons at Lessonface may be a bit overwhelming at times. While you can easily filter, read bios, watch profile videos of past performances, and check out student reviews, it may still feel a little difficult to have a sense of what your teacher will be like in a lesson.

Please be assured that the teachers on Lessonface are all great. You can jump right in and book a trial, lesson, or a package and get to playing and reaching your learning goals for your instrument. Or... you can watch one of the below videos to meet a few of the teachers in violin, voice, guitar, and brass.

Big thanks to the teachers who were involved in this project, and kudos to Lessonface staffmember Will Ross for his great video production skills! 

Without further ado, meet some of the excellent guitar, violin, voice, and brass teachers at Lessonface in these charming previews of what you will experience in your lessons.

Meet Your Violin Teacher

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Click to view the teaching profile of the violin teacher and learn more:

Nicolette Yarbrough
Cecilia García
Jonathan Lawrence
Luke Moller
Lora Gallman
Garrett Fischbach
Dina Maccabee
Tera Catallo

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Meet Your Guitar Teacher

Click to view the teaching profile of the guitar teacher and learn more:

Emily Zimmer
Brad Ward
Chantal Kuegle
Chris Dunnett
Ayla Tesler-Mabe
Henry Fields
Inbar Kedem
Mike Mitchell
Rod Ferreira
Christopher Shoelen
Hannah Christianson
Erik Casados
Alexis Pareja
Samuel Marvin
Costanza Casullo
Jack Hickenbotham
John Scott
Karla Garcia

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Meet Your Voice Teacher

Click to view the teaching profile of the voice teacher and learn more:

Kati Falk-Flores
Jack Wilkins
Jerrica Alyssa
Isabella Mendes
Leah Hinton
Elizabeth Fiori
Rachl Quinn
Arden Titus
Natalie Cressman
Lydia Harrell
Rose Devika
Kit Thornberry
Emily Jeanne Brown

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Meet Your Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, and Other Brass Teacher

Click to view the teaching profile of the brass teacher and learn more:

Brad Beyer
Emily Mikesell
Lee Hogans
Eros Sabbatani
Stewart Felkel
Dr. Joel Flunker
Christy Clark
Brian McDonie
Craig Amendt
Kellyn Haley

More meet-your-teacher videos for other instruments are in the works.


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